Tips on How to prevent Lung Cancer

Lung cancer can lead to a fatal risk if it is not properly treated. Thus, it is important for us to keep our health and to save ourselves from the harm of lung cancer. Smoking is the main factor that causes lung cancer. However, it does not mean that people who do not smoke are free from the risk of lung cancer. Even today half of the lung cancer patients are not smokers. Those who are passive smokers also have a risk of lung cancer. It is so sad indeed, but is there anything we can do to prevent lung cancer? Fortunately, the following tips will show us how to prevent lung cancer.

The first tips on how to prevent lung cancer is minimizing contact with cigarettes. There are some things that we should do in order to avoid contact with cigarettes. Do not smoke. People who are active smokers have 80% up to 90% risk of lung cancer. If you want to have a bigger chance to be free from lung cancer, then you should not smoke. Next, we have to ensure that our home is free from radon. Radon is produced by the soil beneath our house. There is a prix viagra decay of natural uranium that produces odourless gas. Radon is dangerous for us. It gives risk of lung cancer for the passive smokers. Even, it is the second reason for lung cancer. Radon can increase its level so that we should test it for sure. In addition, lung cancer can be caused by other chemicals, which we may contact with in our work place. Then, we should wear protective gears to save ourselves from those dangerous chemicals. The company should also give information related to the substances and the chemicals that are involved in the working process. Similarly, chemicals can be found at home too including in the garage and in the sink. We should always read carefully the products’ label and follow the right instructions for proper and safe use of the products. Of course, we should save ourselves from being passive smokers. We know that passive smokers have big risk of lung cancer too. Thus, we should avoid living with smokers or even interacting with them.

The second tips on how to prevent lung cancer is maintaining healthier life. It includes doing healthier habits and having healthier foods to consume. In order to maintain healthier habits, we can start by doing exercise regularly. It is beneficial for our body in general not only for preventing lung cancer. However, doing exercise early in the morning will let our cancer get clean and fresh oxygen. Jogging or walking early in the morning will refresh our mind too. Other good habits like gardening twice a week also give benefits to our body and lower the risk of lung cancer. Moreover, we should consume healthier foods. Eat various kinds of fruits and vegetables everyday can keep our body healthy and lower the risk of lung cancer. The most recommended fruits and vegetables to consume are spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, winter squash, oranges, and apples.

How about the drink? Well, water is always recommended to keep our body healthy. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day and enjoy your health. Also, get a cup of green tea every day. It can prevent the damage in the cells that is caused by smoking. Even some studies show that green tea can lower the risk of lung cancer. People who consume more green tea every day have bigger chance to be free from lung cancer risk. We should also remember that alcohol consumption will increase the risk of lung cancer. That is why it is cialis prix better to limit drinking alcohol. The last but not least is about drinking supplement. There are many supplements product available in the market. All of them promise us to keep our body healthy. Even, there are some supplements that promise us to prevent lung cancer. Do they really work? It is so sad because studies prove that supplements can increase the risk of lung cancer. We are strongly recommended to talk to a doctor before consuming certain supplements. The doctor will be able to tell us the benefits and the risks of the supplements, and then recommend us one supplement to consume if it is really needed.