How to Get Rid of Belly Fat?


Many people often face the problem of excess weight and obesity. Sometimes this problem can make very big influence on their life. This can lead to  different disease and even psychological instability.  Excess weight can deposit around the waist and the stomach. This increases the risk of metabolic syndrome, diabetes, coronary heart disease and other diseases. Abdominal obesity in women increases the risk of cholecystitis and breast cancer.

Why excess weight is dangerous?

Fat in the stomach is visceral. This means that it fills the areas between the internal organs which are inside of the abdomen and surrounds the internal organs – pancreas, liver and other organs. It agglomerates the hormones generated by the body and decreases the insulin sensitivity of the tissues and thus causes different health problems.

Do you suffer from big abdomen?

Even if you have a regular weight or you do not have excess weight, your waist can somewhat fade away. During the life, the body begins to retain fat and most of it agglomerates around the waist. Mostly, it regards to women during the menopause and post-menopause.

You have  to measure your waist. Wrap the centimeter around the stomach, just above the hips. So you will make the measurement. For women the undesirable waist is 90 cm for men permissible limit is 100 cm.

How to lower the waist size?

Let’s try to answer the question how to get rid of belly fat? Many people believe that squatting and exercises reduce their stomach. In fact, while doing those exercise we do not lose weight in the parts of the body. But in any case this exercise strengthen the muscles of the abdominal and torso. With the help of liposuction we can remove only fat that is under the skin, known as subcutaneous. Much more difficult to cope with it on the stomach with the help of diet and exercise than with fatty compiles in other areas of the body. But visceral fat  is most dangerous. You have to lose weight everywhere in order to decrease it, as all the body needs to lose weight evenly.

The most optimal way is diet and sport. Meals should consist mainly of fresh fruits,  whole grains, vegetables, lean meats but canned, starchy food and sweets should be taken away from your nutrition.

It is also very important to increase your physical activity. Researches have shown that 30 minutes of physical activity during the day decrease the percentage of visceral fat. Also, strength training  few times a week can also be useful but previously you should  consult a doctor.

If you do not do exercise, the amount of weight  will only increase, as well as health problem. You have to  watch your waist and your well-being all the time.

There are several more advises on how to get rid of belly fat:

Say no to smoking, alcohol and stress. Smoking and alcoholic beverages do not promote healthy life. They increase the production of the cortisol, which is known as the stress hormone. It leads to the formation of the fat reserves, mostly just in the abdomen.

In contrast to most other drinks, plain water helps to decrease the amount of stomach. You have to reduce the consumption of sweet tea, soda, alcoholic beverages. Average European consumes up to 400 calories every day only in the form of beverages. Drink fresh juices or better replace them with fresh fruits.

Try to keep your abdomen sucked. Hold your back straight, while sitting and try to draw in the stomach while walking and standing. This will not only visually slime your belly but also will help to strengthen the muscles.